What is a MadBlack?

It used to be a Mini but it chanced during the years.

Years , many year ago I dreamed of having  a Porsche but as I did not had enough money so I started looking for something with almost the same drivability , so I bought a


The year was 1994

Believe it or not but one day it was rust free!

Before I bought it it was used to bring children to school and it was kept  in a garage. As I do not own a garage the Mini started rusting a day after I bought it. This is the moment where the Mini started changing into what it is these days.

What's special about a MadBlack?

1340 cc engine

straight cut gearbox

straight cut dropgears

rc 40

left and right patrol tank

special MadBlack paint

double air fan

cobra seats


born in 1977

reborn several times


The MadBlack is supposed to look ugly and I succeeded :O)

While driving around everybody thinks it is falling apart but the funny thing is that since the IMM in Lapland it only once let me down( no more petrol). Hmmm ............is it wise to put this down on the internet?